Friday, October 5, 2012

Good vs Bad Photography: Shima Razipour


This photo is considered good photography. First, the photo incorporates great emotion, imagery, and essence of the moment. By looking at this photo, I feel as though I am apart of the rallies and can see the emotion in the women's faces. Also, I think it was great that the photographer captured the photo when they were actually protesting, so that you can see the emotion in their faces.


Source: BBC
This photo is also considered good photography. There are many careful elements that were chosen to capture the emotion, focus, and impact in this photo. First, the angle is perfect. It includes the people, the poster in the background, and also the chaos in the back. It is able to speak in many words, what the image means. In addition, it truly shows the devastation of the lady who just found out her son died in war.


Source: KTLA
This photo is defintly considered poor photography. I would be livid if I saw a picture of myself on a news site in this angle. I think it is just an awkward angle and could have served the same purpose in a different angle. For example, her full body or a shot from the side.
Source: FOX News
Many may disagree, but I personally thought this was poor photography. Reason being- there is TOO much going on. I think if the photographer captured maybe one or two people holding it, the image would speak louder than how it is now. There is TOO much going on that I couldn't make out the photo at first.

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  1. Great examples and I agree with your critiques...especially of the bad photos. The picture of the woman's waist is a very strange composition!