Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good Photos vs Bad Photos

This photo of Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous photos of all time because it shows the height of the action.  Look at Ali's biceps as he stands over his fallen opponent.  There is a sense of dominace that you could see in Ali's face that illustrates what a great nigt it was for him.

This is an example of bad photography.  First of all president Obama's eyes appear to be closed as he shakes the hand of that young man.  Second the first guy's camera is blocking the face and head of a little boy.  It just seemed out of place and it's destracting.  Another thing I would do is to make sure that they are shaking hands.

Although some might think that the content is "too much" I still think that this is a great photo.  Usually it's not a good thing when you can't see the subjects face in a picture but because of the circumstances I think that it fits perfectly.  You reallly get the sense as to what the soldier is feeling and gives the reader a better understanding of what it's like on a day by day basis.

This photo shows a soldier in deep prayer and I think that it could have potentially shown the emotion in the other soldiers if their face was shown.  You immidiately can see that the head is caught off.  Not only that but I also think the the angle in which the photo is taken seems a little akward. 

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