Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photography Critiques

Good Photographs
(Photo by Gladys Quintero,
This composition of this photo uses Rule of Thirds and great stop motion use. As an action shot, the photographer made sure to use a fast shutter speed in order to avoid the subject from being blurry and placed the subject in a good frame so their face of body wouldn't be cut off. Overall, good use of composition.
(Photo by Xochitl Castillo,
This photograph makes great use of natural lighting and provides a good sense of environment. The photographer focuses on one main subject and frames her well enough to still provide a good sense of environment, as stated before. The warm colors in the photo also combine the subject and background (with the natural lighting), which shows that when composing a photo, it is good to take note of the colors surrounding you and use them to your advantage in taking a photograph.

Bad Photographs
 (Photo by Lourdes Murillo,
This photograph uses bad framing, bad lighting, and also the subject is not even aware that their photo is being taken by this photographer.The group is at the left side of the photo, and it even cuts off the legs of the people at the bottom of the picture. What could have been done to make a better photograph of this is to take the photo from a center angle where everyone's faces are shown, whereas here some are cut off. Also, even lighting could have been used from a center angle too where the flash is distributed to everyone, and not just the right side of the photo. Also, if everyone is centered to the middle, everyone knows that their photo is being taken by this photographer, and everyone is inside the photo and not cut off, the photograph would be composed a lot better.

(Photo by Raymond Miranda,
This photograph also uses bad framing, bad focus, and also has too many subjects that distract from what is actually trying to be focused on. It makes me question what is it that is actually going on in this photo, why the person in the middle has the mask, and what is the child on the right looking at with a worried face. If this photo was just focused on the person with the mask, or placed in the photo in the middle of the street by the use of rule of thirds, it would be a more dramatic photo. Also, a better focus and not a blurred photo of the lower half of the person would make the photo more crisp and clear.

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  1. Good examples and nice critique. The last photo has a lot of potential--too bad the photog didn't get advice from you first!