Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Critique

Good Photos

Photo By: Urchin Rock Photography

This photo is an example of great photography because it is filled with life and color. The usage of light in this photo is also stunning because you manage to see tiny details such as bubbles surrounding them with every movement. Overall, the fact that the photo was taken underwater and is extremely clear shows great perspective.

Photo By: Getty Images

This photo is an example of spectacular photography because it is extremely eye catching. The amazing quality of movement in this photo also makes the viewer feel as if they were there at the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Overall, the photo is a winner because it even captures a mist of powder in the air that adds more depth to the shot. 

Bad Photos

Photo By: Los Angeles Times

To improve this photo I would have zoomed out to capture the essence of the crowd and the location. I also would have taken the photo from a different angle so it becomes more pleasing to the eye. Lastly, I would have found something to frame the photo such as a street or building. Overall, this photo is too busy and confusing at the same time.

Photo By: Los Angeles Times

To improve this photo I would have taken it from another angle to capture the location and the entire group of swimmers. I also would have captured more emotions from the swimmers waiting in line instead of just focusing on one. Lastly, I would have made the picture quality clearer by adjusting the shutter speed. Overall, this photo only captures the reaction from one swimmer and appears too dark. 

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  1. Both your "good" photos are excellent examples. And your suggestions for improving the bad photos make a lot of sense.