Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Critique

Examples of Good Photojournalism

This image was used to illustrate an article on Raider fans. The image is interesting, as the main subject is the central focus of the picture. The background is blurred out. This makes the subject pop out of the photo. The subject is also looking straight out at the camera, giving the viewer the impression that he is looking and pointing at the reader.

This picture uses the rule of thirds. The cheerleader is on the right side of the image and her expression really makes me want to know what just happened on the field. The audience in the background gives the image context. This football game was really well attended and must have been one of the biggest games of the season. I do think the image could have used some fill flash. This would make the cheerleader stand out even more from the crowd.

Examples of Photojournalism that can be improved

This image was used to illustrate a story on a person who repairs broken bicycles and then donates them to kids. The background of the image is too busy and it also has no context. This picture is more of a snapshot and is too general. It had no caption and did not add to the story. A better image would be one showing the person repairing the broken bicycle or giving the bike away to a kid. In the photographers defense there were also much better pictures included with the story.

This picture was used to illustrate the same article on Raider fans as the first image in this critique. Here the background has too many elements and they are all in focus. This makes it difficult for the viewer to give full attention to the Raider fan. The image could be improved by cropping out the porta-potties on the right all the way to just outside the Raider fan's elbow. This would make him more dominant in the photo and also make it look like he was just walking into the picture, making it more dynamic.

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  1. First two good examples are very interesting photos. Thoughtful critiques on how to improve the bad pics. Nice job!