Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Critiques

Photo by: Maria Velazco
"Bad" photo- To improve this photo I would have zoomed out more to capture the entire waterfall, from top to bottom.  Also, I would adjust the aperture to capture its movement better.  Lastly, I would try a different angle, perhaps from the top looking down.
Photo by: Maria Velazco
"Bad" photo- This photo has too much light, I would adjust the color in the image and watch the angle of the camera to make sure that the sun does not hit it.  There is also a lack of focus in the picture, I would try and get a different angle of the subject and get the entire landscape.   
Photo by: Wei-Seng Chen taken from Photographers Forum
 "Good" photo- What makes this a great image is that it captures movement without displaying blurriness.  The expression of the subject is also caught in the midst of movement in combination with good color.
Photo by: Dubi Shapiro taken from National Geographic
 "Good" photo-  This photo works because it has a plain background, there isn't anything distracting from the subject.  It also catches the subject in perfect movement which allows its full display of feathers.  It has great focus.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your own photography and your critiques. That hummingbird photo is very cool!