Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo Critique

"Their First Murder" by Weegee is a photo that has so many dynamic emotions flowing though it. I chose this photo for my "good example" because of motion and emotion shown in it. Each subject's face within this photo portrays a different emotion from fear, anguish, excitement, passiveness, worry, anxiety and so on. Their is a jolt of movement in the center of the photo in contrast to the stillness of the dark buildings that frame the subjects.

This photo of Mos Def at SpringFest 2011 would have proved to be a better photograph if a few simple things were taken into consideration. If the angle of the photo was different, the merger from the item being held by the concert goer may have been avoided. If the photo was focused better on the subject and not the tops of heads in the crowd could also improve this photo. Lastly, getting closer to the subject on stage without losing the presence of the crowd is also important in making this photograph better.

If this photo of a row team were taken at an angle which showed their faces it would improve the connection to feelings and movement from the subjects and the audience. The composition is alright but    experimenting with different areas within the rule-of-thirds can yield a different with the photo. The cropping can also positively affect the photo.

This photo by Christopher Schroeder is a good example for a profile/feature story. The photograph has excellent lighting and composition. The subject of the photograph also adds a great dimension of emotion for the audience. The copping is just right with good negative and positive space, as well as the contrast of he highs and lows in the photograph.

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