Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Critique

Bad Example: Although the photographer is trying to depict the focus of the picture to be the center and blurs everything else out, it looks a little off. Also, I do not know much about photography, but I don't think a camera has this effect. It seems to be edited.

Bad Example:  The concept that was trying to be conveyed was the sense of capturing motion. The setting is a train station and the photographer may have been trying to get people making their way across. But it wasn't done successfully because everyone is blurred out, the only focus is at the top of the picture.

Good Example: This photograph is a good example of captured emotion. You can see the emotion in this woman's eyes and its impact. You can clearly see the tear going down her cheek. Also, this woman's face is not centered in the frame.

Good Example: This photograph is a good example of capturing movement and emotion. The photographer put in good use the effect of the ISO. You can tell that this person is tired and is ready to go back into the ring.

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  1. Really nice examples of good and bad photography. The portrait of the woman is very powerful. Would have liked to see your suggestions for improving the bad pics (as required by the assignment).