Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good and bad photos

Good photo1
This photo features Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse-- now deceased- applying her signature 'cat eye' makeup. The picture is good because of the unique dual-image effect that it creates. In the blurry foreground, we can see the side and back of her head. In the background, we see the front of her face very clearly in a mirror image. The photograph was taken so that the photographer's image is not visible in the mirror. Also, the photo almost appears as if it were taken without her knowledge because of her fixed concentration on what she is doing rather than the fact that she's being photographed.

Good photo 2
This second photo depicts singer Chris Martin from the alternative-rock band Coldplay at a concert of theirs. In it, the singer is spinning around amid thousands of butterfly-shaped confetti pieces under deep blue lighting. The photo is taken at a sideways angle to further illustrate the singer's spinning through the butterflies. The neon colors of the confetti catch the dark blue lighting, which illuminates them in a fluorescent color, making for a bright, motion-filled image.
Bad photo 1
In this image, singer Lana Del Rey is shown in a very early stage of her career. She lacks many of the glamorous traits that she is now known for, such as her full, red lips, voluminous hair and unique apparel. The photo is bad because the subject is washed out due to bad lighting. She appears pale, with a glare on her forehead and neck.  She is almost dead-centered, but awkwardly leans left, almost as if it were a bad school picture. Also, the background is a strange newspaper-like print with no colors.

Bad photo 2
This second bad photograph was taken in the 1960's and features Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction. It shows a line park guests waiting to enter the building with very formal clothing in comparison to today's theme park attendees. The photo is a bad picture because it captures the dramatic building from a far left angle and centers the left-front corner of the mansion, which appears to point upward to the viewer. It makes for a slightly dizzying image that has too much of a juxtaposition between the horizontal line of people and the tall, awkward-angled building.

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  1. Your examples are very fun, and I appreciate the detailed critique. The Winehouse image is especially interesting.